Voted Best Bakery in Santa Cruz by the GoodTimes, The Buttery isn’t just another small town bakery. The Buttery’s unique blend of history, process, and people and our commitment to our community sets us apart.


Janet Platin opened The Buttery at its current location in October 1984. She was chatting with her friend, Arnie the butcher, at Shopper’s Corner and lamenting the fact that she needed work. He suggested she start her own business and told her space was available across the street. Janet had been thinking about opening her own bakery and cafe for a long time. She had simply been waiting for the right moment to present itself. The buildings owners, Bud Beauregard and Vinnie Williams, who also owned Shopper’s Corner, thought a community bakery in this location was a perfect fit and rented to Janet on the spot. Midtown is a great place to be and the community was supportive from the first moment The Buttery opened its doors. The building is from the turn of the century and while Janet has had to make some changes over the years, she has always strived to honor and enhance the buildings history and place in the community.


Everything we serve at The Buttery is made here—Except for the bread, which is made off-site by Janet’s husband’s company, Golden Sheaf. We use homemade recipes scaled up to serve our many customers. We use all of the wonderful ingredients that the Central Coast has to offer and always use local sources when available. Santa Cruzans appreciate good food made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. A successful business depends on an appreciative audience. It is a symbiotic relationship and we strive to never lose sight of our relationship with the people we serve.


It takes a lot of people to do all we do everyday at The Buttery. We have a long history of employing wonderful, creative, hard working people who have left their mark on the bakery. They’ve helped us create systems for production, inspired recipes, enhanced decorating techniques, and have enthusiastically expanded our product mix. All of this energy has contributed to the reputation for delicious excellence The Buttery is known for today.

Janet Platin,  Founder

Janet Platin


Janet Platin founded The Buttery 31 years ago. She grew up learning to bake from her talented grandmother. She continued her grandmothers tradition by studying and learning all she could, advancing her skills working in wholesale and a retail bakeries before opening The Buttery. Her passion is working with her creative staff to create new systems and products that showcase The Buttery’s commitment to excellence and service.

Amelia Godoy,  Cake Department Manager

Amelia Godoy

Cake Department Manager

Amelia started her training with the Buttery and went on to attend classes at the Baking Institute in San Francisco. She has a hand in everything related to producing our incredible cakes. Her amazing talents are showcased in the lovely individual desserts you see in our cake case.

Marcelino Cabrales,  Bakery Manager

Marcelino Cabrales

Bakery Manager

Marcelino started his training here at The Buttery 25 years ago. He is the anchor for all of us and gets us through every holiday with grace and efficiency. He knows everything there is to know about making great pastries, pies, and tarts.

Jesus Enriquez,  Deli Manager

Jesus Enriquez

Deli Manager

Jill Heizman,  Wedding Cake Specialist

Jill Heizman

Wedding Cake Specialist

Jill has been at the Buttery for 20 years. She has a great eye for design and wants all of our customers to have their Wedding Cake to be as creative, beautiful, and delicious as they dream possible. Her attention to detail and ability to craft artistic cakes that inspire is what makes Buttery Wedding Cakes so unique.