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Irish Soda Bread

Every year at the beginning of March we begin production of one of our favorite seasonal specialties: Irish Soda Bread. Irish Soda Bread is a traditional Irish quick bread made with baking powder (bi-carbonate of soda) instead of yeast and served with all manner of foods. The earliest recorded recipe for Irish Soda Bread is…

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Congratulations Laurel!

During this year’s Valentine’s Day preparations our cake decorators held a friendly contest to see who could come up with the loveliest and most creative Valentine’s Day cake. Amelia Godoy, the head decorator, told me how proud she was to see the decorators working together so they could each create the cakes of their dreams.…

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Sweet Hearts for your Sweetheart

Valentine’s day is coming up and we have some amazing heart-shaped delights for your sweetheart, from the classics like a lovely flower decorated carrot cake, to our new and exciting chocolate chipotle mousse in small chocolate hearts.