People say the nicest things…

It’s been our pleasure to provide exceptional wedding cakes for over a quarter-century. Of course we enjoy hearing compliments from happy customers. Here are just a few we’ve received:

“Thank you for helping us make our wedding day such a memorable event. Our wedding cake was absolutely beautiful!!

We received so many compliments on both the way it looked and how great it tasted! Everything about our experience was just perfect and professional. from tasting to wedding night. We are definitely Buttery lifers. Thanks Again!!”

— Jason and Julie

“I’m so pleased to say that the best wedding cake I’ve ever had was the cake you made for my wedding on June 7, 2008 at Kennolyn. It was divine! Thank you so much for making my day perfect! I love the Buttery…

— Leah Hames Agnor

“Love their cakes!! I am a wedding photographer so I eat cake almost
every weekend and I can always tell when it is a Buttery cake because it rocks!…”

Susan H, Santa Cruz CA

“The first time I had one of The Buttery’s carrot cake cupcakes, I knew what my wedding cake was going to be (and this was before I was even engaged!). And that is what we got. And we were not disappointed.

You know how at most weddings, you can’t really remember what the cake tasted like or even if you ate any? Not the case here. Our guests not only finished every last bite of our wedding cake but asked us where it was from and how to get more (really!). Needless to say, it was a big hit…f you are looking for a SUPERB cake that people will be talking about for a long time to come, a beautiful cake at a reasonable price, go to the Buttery.”

-J.P., Aptos, CA

“Got our wedding cake from The Buttery. It was gorgeous and tasted great. They have some of the best carrot cake ever! Cake was on time as promised, designed exactly how we wanted and priced reasonably. Thanks again!”

-Brian P., Santa Clara, CA

“Got my wedding cake from here. WOW they did a beautiful job! I was so lost to either go with traditional or modern look. The lady I spoke to took her time and talked to me until she helped me make a right decision. I went with the traditional. Great price and delicious cake. Will be going here to get my anniversary cake next time around. Thank you for my beautiful cake!…”

-Rombaldi M., Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

“I am not proud to say that I had my biggest (and virtually only) bridezilla moment when working on cakes at The Buttery. Funnily, it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with my parents… ah, brides, what a scary species .

Our cake was three flavors: one was white cake with ollalaberry filling; one was carrot cake, because they make the best carrot cake ever; and the top tier was a cheesecake which we were going to share with people the next morning.

No, really, they do make the best carrot cake I’ve ever had. Period. But the other two cakes were ALSO fantastic, and the woman who worked with us on the design was so easy to work with; our cake was beautiful.

If you’re getting married? USE THIS VENDOR. I have no regrets!”

-Alison S., Menlo Park

“The Buttery did our wedding cake a few years and it was beautiful. It looked great and tasted even better. I was very impressed with their service. We made an appointment to talk to the person who does wedding cakes and when we showed up, there was a mistake in their appointment book and we weren’t on their schedule. Instead of sending us away disappointed, they quickly gathered samples of their wedding cakes together and got their portfolio out to show us. I was pleased to see that with the mistake that was made and pressure they were under to get all of the things they needed for their presentation, they were able to accomodate us and did a wonderful job. I felt assured that if there was a mistake made on our wedding day, they would be able to fix it.”

-Jennifer B, San Jose, CA

“The Buttery is the best place in the WORLD for a wedding cake. The entire experience from the consultation to the order, delivery, taste, presentation…perfect. Our cake was beautiful and I have more pictures of it than I do of me!! The owner met with us and was thrilled to be making the cake and they left me a message a week or so prior to the wedding that was so sweet and comforting that, to this day, thinking of it gets me a little misty. I think my longest thank you card was to them. Just a perfect experience. They will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

-Brandy E, Felton, CA