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Valentine’s day is coming up and we have some amazing heart-shaped delights for your sweetheart, from the classics like a lovely flower decorated carrot cake, to our new and exciting chocolate chipotle mousse in small chocolate hearts.

Holidays are always exciting for us because it gives us a chance to combine our creativity with our love for seasonal flavors and themes. This year our cake decorators are holding a friendly contest to see who can create the most innovative and lovely cake for Valentine’s Day, while working together to make some of the most beautiful and delicate treats in town. We have tiny heart-shaped caramels with ganache, mini cappuccino cheesecakes, and cupcakes topped with vanilla or raspberry buttercream. For a Valentine’s day party we have flourless chocolate cake with hazelnut or raspberry buttercream, our famous carrot cake, and devils food cake iced and covered with fondant(decorated, of course, with little elves).

We always start early with Valentine’s Day treats because they are so lovely and delicious we just can’t wait! But check back later to see the cakes from the decorators contest, and see who won!

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