Welcome to the Buttery Family!

This information is a guide for new employees to easily access and learn information to be more efficient while working at the Bakery. You are required to memorize this information and will be held responsible to know within 2 weeks of starting to work at the Bakery.

Download the PDF for reference

Cake combinations

All our cakes/cupcakes are a combination of these 3 elements: Flavor, Filling, & Icing. (Not all cupcakes have fillings) When describing a cake, make sure to let the customer know the type of cake first, than the filling, and lastly the icing. Example, Devils food cake with ganache iced in buttercream. This means the cake is Devils food, the filling is ganache, and the icing is buttercream. Below you can see the possible options we have. Our buttercream & whipped cream can be also be flavored to have even more options.

Flavor of Cake

• Devils Food • Chiffon • Poppyseed • Carrot • Red Velvet
• Mocha • Flourless Chocolate • Sponge

Filling of Cake

• Chocolate Pudding • Cream Cheese • German Chocolate • Fresh Fruit • Ganache • Italian Butter Cream • Whipped Cream • Lemon Curd

Icing of Cake

• Cream Cheese • Italian Butter Cream • Whipped Cream • Fondant (Must be on Buttercream cakes Only)

How to take a take order

General Requirements: 24 hours notice required for cakes, unless its a cake we always have or you’ve gotten the “Okay” from the cake decorator. We should always strive to receive the payment for cakes. Any cake that is larger than a 7” must be paid for in advance.
To take an order, find a cake order form and write the following information:

  1. First and Last Name of Customer

  2. Phone Number

  3. Date this order was taken

  4. Your Name

  5. Day and Date customer wants to pick up cake

  6. Time of Pick Up ( Anywhere from 7AM - 6PM) **Put the order time an hour before the customer is wanting to pick up the cake

  7. If there are other orders, please make a note of it in “Other Orders”

  8. If the order has been paid for, Attach the receipt to the back of this order.

  9. If the order is for the next day, place it in the Tomorrow basket

Cake Order Requirements

  1. Cake Size

  2. Type of Cake

  3. Ask the customer if they want Writing in their cake. Clearly print what they want. Double check spelling and always ask if you got the spelling correct. There is no extra charge for writing.

  4. If they ask for a specific color, write the color the text should be.

  5. For edible images have the customer send it to Images@butterybakery.com

  6. We can put fresh or icing flowers on most of our cakes. (There is an extra charge for this, check brochure pricing) We cannot guarantee specific colors for flowers because we may not get those colors that day.

Tips on taking orders

Make sure that all prices are correct, including prices for icing or fresh flowers

Repeat ALL information about the cake order back to the customer for confirmation. This includes: name, and HOW TO SPELL THEIR NAME, phone number, size of cake, kind of cake, filling, icing, decorations, writing and HOW TO SPELL any/all pertinent information in the writing, colors, decorations. Repeat everything as many times as it takes to make sure it is EXACTLY RIGHT

Once a customer switches ONE option from the brochure cake, it is now considered a CUSTOM CAKE, use a pink sheet

When taking orders for larger size cakes, Always double check that there is enough time to bake larger size caked

If someone calls for a cake in the case the same day, MAKE SURE you still fill out a cake form!

Scanned images can be done on 7” cakes and Larger. Make sure to include brief description of image on cake order form. Attach the image to the cake order form. If the customer doesn't have the image, ask them to email it to us at: info@butterybakery.com with the subject titled as Cake picture and what cake / date of pick up this picture is for.

Be more descriptive when describing a cake so the customer can relate better. Fudge ganache, Moist Cake, Organic Fruit.
Vanilla Cheesecake has sour cream icing on top, Cappuccino cheesecake has espresso + chocolate inside with chocolate crisps Fresh or icing flowers can be added to cakes; however, we CANNOT guarantee colors. (please write preference just incase we can)

Any hand-drawn pictures MUST be pre-approved by a cake decorator. On very busy days, we must decline special drawings since the cake decorator will be busy.

If you aren’t sure about something ASK QUESTIONS! It is always better to ask a lot of questions than have a angry customer because we got their order wrong.

Simply inform the customer, “If there are any changes you need to make to this order or if you need to cancel it for any reason we will need 24 hours notice.”, after you have finished taking their order.

How to find a cake

Find the physical copy of their order so you know what cake you are looking for.(They are inside a box, alphabetized)

  1. Check to see if the cake has been made, theres a stamp on cake forms meaning the cake has been made!

  2. Look at the Cake form for its location. They all have locations written on it.

    G is of the front fridge
    A,B,C,D,E,F is in the walk-in fridge in the cake room

  3. Check to see if they have paid or not. If they haven’t paid, make sure to receive payment.

  4. Go to the cake fridge located at the front and find the matching cake. Check that the writing is the same and that it is the right


  5. ALWAYS show and confirm the cake before boxing the cake.

If You Can’t Find The Order:

  1. Remain calm; don’t let the customer see you anxious or flustered. Remember that almost all problems can be fixed.

  2. Check the Form holder in the Cake Room wall, the form might still be back there.

  3. Double check the customers name, make sure you understood it correctly. Search the Bakesmart based on phone numbers to

    see if we may have spelled the customers name wrong. Check for possible variations to the customer’s name. Such as the

    customers name may be “Bennet” but the person who took the order may have heard “Dennet”.

  4. Ask the customer if the cake could possibly be under a different name. If the customer isn’t sure what name the cake is under

    but knows the type, size and writing on the cake physically search all orders for the correct cake. Double check details like

    phone number, writing etc. to make sure you have the right cake.

  5. Double check the date, make sure the cake isn’t on order for a different day.

  6. Check future orders. Pending orders and the completed order drawer.

  7. If all else fails get a manager or supervisor to help.

If You Can’t Find The Cake:

1. Remain calm; don’t let the customer see you anxious or flustered. Remember that almost all problems can be fixed.

2.Ask the cake room decorators if they are working on the cake you are looking for or know where it is.

3.Check the drawer to see if the cake has already been picked up.

4.If all else fails get a manager’s help.


  • If you accidentally mess up a cake, bring it back to the cake room right away and ask us to fix it. Even if we are busy, don’t be afraid to ask. We want to know as soon as it happens.

  • NEVER grab a cake from the walk-in fridge unless it is an order for that day. Ask us if we have cakes available, and if we do, we will get it for you. Clean up after yourself if you use our space to fill ganache or whipped cream

  • If someone comes in and wants writing on their cake, write what they want on a scratch piece of paper and bring it to the cake room.

  • DON’T RUSH when trying to put a cake in the box. If someone is purchasing a large round cake, Ring them up front then ask the customer to pull up their car in the back door. You can box it in the back and bring it out to them.

  • If the cake looks heavy or is too high to reach, ALWAY ASK FOR HELP! Never pick up something if you feel uncomfortable. It is always better for 1 person to carry a sheet cake than 2 because it has less of a chance to crack.


  • For chiffon cakes, Whipped cream or Mousse is a great option. However NEVER ganache. ( this is because the cake will become too dry) Having both buttercream on the filling and icing is not a good idea because the cake will be

  • BAD CAKE COMBINATIONS Butter cream inside & Whipped cream outside is at NO

    too dry. Buttercream should be on outside only.

  • Vanilla Cheesecake has sour cream icing on top, Cappuccino cheesecake has espresso + chocolate inside with chocolate crisps

  • We do not offer anything that is vegan or dairy free

  • Yes, we can cover sheet cakes in ganache

  • Key lime pies have macadamia nut crusts, keylime layer(tart fluffy curd texture) creamy chiffon topped with whipped cream icing

  • NO RED WRITING on whipped cream cakes, the red will bleed into the whipped cream

  • Actual Fruit or Chocolate fillings have different colors because of the different flavors, these are not added colors

  • Blackbottom cupcakes cannot be made larger because they won’t stay separated

  • Other Store bought Vanilla white cakes have shortening chemicals(basically a substitute for Butter or Margarine, we DO NOT do that. Instead refer to as Chiffon cake.

  • Actual Fruit or Chocolate fillings have different colors because of the different flavors, these are not added colors

  • Razzmatazz & Boston cakes always only have two layers. Even when its 10” Make sure to let customers know that these cakes don’t sere as many people as a regular 10” Cake and that price is different.

  • Fondant is thick sugar paste on top.This can ONLY be applied on top of buttercream (1$ added per serving)

  • Butter cream inside & Whipped cream outside is at NO

  • Our Carrot Cake has walnuts around the outside of the cake but no walnuts in the cake itself.

  • We have flourless cake as an option for gluten free flavor

  • Sheet cakes always have a frosting border around it unless written on the form as otherwise.

  • Buttercream and Ganache iced cakes must sit in room temperature before eating

  • Our ganache is made up of 50% Semi Sweet chocolate, 50% heavy cream

  • Italian Butter cream - has no egg yoke vs Vanilla butter cream has egg yoke & Flavor

  • Italian butter cream - has a more neutral and creamy flavor ( this is why it compliments any cake)

Other Information


• Always check before taking large quantities that we can do it.
• If a customer orders large quantities of orders, make sure to let the bakers and supervisors know!
(Please follow through with orders you take, do not just assume someone will find it)
• We need to make sure that we let bakers know so we have enough items to sell in the store as well.
• We are not a factory, we don’t just pump out pastries out of no where. We need time to prepare quality food!


  1. Check to see what we have order for the day they are ordering. (Its located in the green binder)

  2. Check to see if anyone has already pre-ordered bread for that day.

  3. If they haven’t take the bread order down!

  4. If they have and we need to order more bread, if its less than 48 hours notice, we cannot accept it.

  5. If the customer is really wanting that bread, we could try calling golden sheaf and letting them know; however, there is no guarantee.


Remember, custom cakes are anything that goes beyond our standard brochure cakes. Make sure to fill them out on the Pink Form.

• If you’re uncomfortable taking this cake order, grab a supervisor or someone who is more knowledgeable about cakes.

• If no one is around, tell them to email: customcakes@butterybakery.com

• Custom Cake orders with intricate decorations need approval! Ask the cake decorators, if they can’t give you an answer, tell them we will get back to them and place the order in “PENDING”

• Make sure to let someone know there is a cake form that needs attention to.


Remember, shortbread cookies are made by hand! We don't have machines making cookies. A lot of custom cookie designs that customers bring are way to time consuming and we don’t have the time to make them for the price they want it for. We can say its not possible if it is too intricate.

• Taking shortbread cookies orders for cookies we already make are OKAY
• If a customer wants a HIGHLY custom cookie, please let them know we do not make those kind of cookies anymore. • Take a look at our usually shortbread design, that is the max amount of design we will do.
• If we have the cookie cutter for the shape the customer wants, we can make the cookie for them.
• Do not price the cookie yourself! If you’re having problems, tell them to email: customcookies@butterybakery.com


• Wedding Cake consultation is Wednesday - Sunday
• $75 Consultation fee, this fee goes towards the cake, if they gave a cake larger than 55 servings.
• For questions and scheduling a consultation, email: weddings@butterybakery.com
• If there is a customer here for a wedding cake consultation, let the supervisor or manager know.