Frequently Asked Questions


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General QUestions

What are your hours?

We are open 7AM to 7PM every day of the week (We only close on major holidays) 


What is your address?

Our address is: 702 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062


Do you take reservations for seating?

We do not take reservations, it is first come first serve. 


Do you have parking?

Yes, we have a whole lot for parking behind the bakery as well as street parking.


How long do you serve breakfast?

We serve breakfast till 12PM on Weekdays and 1PM on Weekends


When is lunch served?

We offer lunch starting at 11AM


When do you bake?

We bake early in the morning so that they are fresh for consumption when our doors open


What form of payments do you take?

Cash, Debit, & Credit Cards (No American Express) 


Can I bring my pets?

Animals are allowed on the patio as long as they are well trained and on a leash. However, only animals with Emotional Support Cards allowed inside our bakery. 


Do you offer delivery?

We only deliver wedding cakes and possibly large orders for catering. 


Do you offer WIFI?

Unfortunately we do not offer Wifi at our establishment.



Bakery Questions

What kind of cakes do you offer?

We offer 8 different kinds: Devils Food, Flourless Chocolate, Chiffon, Carrot, Red Velvet, Poppyseed, Mocha, Sponge 


Do you offer dairy or vegan free options?

Currently, we do not offer anything; however, that could change in the future.


Do you offer Gluten free options?

Yes, we have 3 options: Coconut Macaroon, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Mousse Torte.


Do you offer White Cake?

Yes, our white cake is called Chiffon. Store bought vanilla white cakes have shortening chemicals(basically a substitute for Butter or Margarine, we DO NOT do that)


Do I need to refrigerate cakes?

• Buttercream, Ganache, & Cream Cheese cakes need to left out to become room temperature before serving

• Whipped cream cakes need to be kept refrigerated until serving


Do you offer Fondant? 

Yes, Fondant is thick sugar paste that can go on top. This can ONLY be applied on top of buttercream cakes.


Do you take orders for Custom Cakes? 

Yes, we do take orders for custom design cakes. They best way to receive a quote for cakes are to email us at 


Do you take orders for Custom Cookies?

We do take orders for custom cookies, however, we do have our limits on design. Depending on the design we will be able to do it. If the cookies are too intricate, we will have to decline.