Why We Stand Out from Other Local Bakeries

          The Buttery is a full-service bakery offering the finest wedding cakes in the area at the most reasonable prices. Our cakes are baked to order using the finest scratch ingredients; surely you have heard locals raving about our velvety cakes that taste even better than homemade. We offer more flavor combinations than other local bakeries and can customize or create flavor combinations to suit your desires.

            Smaller wedding cake bakers are forced to charge more for their work and freeze their cakes in order to compensate for limited volume; larger bakeries streamline their offerings, cutting options and creativity while raising prices because of the familiarity of their name. At The Buttery, the size and established nature of our business allows us to keep our prices low while still offering the personalized service of a small boutique wedding cake baker. We at The Buttery have not allowed our outstanding reputation to drive our prices up. Rather than charging a high all-inclusive base price, we keep our prices low by customizing your design charge so you pay only for the special items you receive and no more. In this way, we are able to comfortably accommodate designs ranging from simple and delicious buttercream to the most lavish and creative concepts, and give the bride and groom the best wedding cake anywhere at whatever budget is available to them.

            Our skills match anything you have seen in national bridal magazines; while we can duplicate any magazine or internet photo flawlessly, we especially enjoy working with you to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind masterpiece your wedding guests will never forget. While a few higher-end bakeries in the greater Bay Area use the same range of materials as The Buttery, we have taken our special skills one step further: we can replicate any flower, animal, or object absolutely true to life using all edible ingredients, a talent that allows us to offer you imaginative and playful all-edible designs not available anywhere else in the state. Look at the possibilities, let them ignite your imagination and we will work with you to make your wedding cake dreams come true!